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Post Liquidation Scams
Scams Operated After Incentive Leisure Group
Had Been Liquidated

Many customers of Incentive Leisure Group / DWVC have been contacted by "third parties" who claim that they can offer them a solution to the dilemma that they are facing after being victims of the Incentive Leisure Group scam .The types of scenarios you need to avoid are as follows and do not part with any money in advance over the telephone no matter how plausible it may sound:

If you are cold called and told that a company has a buyer for your Incentive Leisure / DWVC membership sat in their offices this we allege is a scam because there is no buyer and there is no resale value of a DWVC "Holiday Club Membership". We recommend that you do not part with any money in advance. The next phone call some weeks later will probably ask you to pay a further sum for "Spanish Taxes" and you will probably then be asked to pay at a later date "solicitors fees" as the tax forms were allegedly not submitted correctly.
If this scenario has happened to you it is almost certainly a "scam".

If you are cold called and told by the caller that the cashback certificate issued to you by Incentive Leisure has not been registered correctly or that Reclaim Ltd is in liquidation then this too is potentially another scam and that if you pay a further sum of money then an action can be pursued on your behalf.
If anyone ever asks you for money in advance of you receiving a refund then it is almost certainly a scam.

If you are asked by a cold caller to join a "class action" being taken in Spain against any Incentive Leisure Group / DWVC or any cashback company then this too is almost certainly a scam. Incentive Leisure Group had no assets when it was liquidated and the bulk of the companies to which the caller will refer to are registered in Gibraltar and not Spain.

Quite often the reason we believe consumers have been called is that before the liquidator could take over the assets of Incentive Leisure the office staff downloaded the customer database and removed it from the computer system. Throughout Spain and the UK there are many people who are looking to resell various segments of the Incentive Leisure Group database. In summary the people who "scammed" customers the first time may now be looking to do it again.

Another problem that some customers have come across is via buying "travel agency franchises" of Personal Travel Group which entailed consumers again trading in a timeshare and being given a cashback certificate via Reclaim Ltd. Keith Barker who was one of the directors / shareholders in many of the Incentive Leisure Group companies was also operating this company from approximately late 2008 onwards up until early 2011. These "franchises" were openly being marketed for sums up to £18,000 and the "agency agreement" was documented in a court judgement as an "unlawful pyramid scheme". We are also of the impression that whilst this "business opportunity" was openly being marketed that an application to have the company struck off the register had been lodged at Companies House. In other words with one hand they would take your money and with the other hand they were looking to fold the company.

One of the common questions we get asked is "how do we know that you too are not a scam?". The answer to that is simple - we will not ask you for any money in advance of you receiving your refund into your bank account.

If you would like us to pursue a claim on your behalf regarding a mis-sold Incentive Leisure/ DWVC holiday club membership or if you need any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 368 5110 or by submitting the enquiry form opposite.