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Incentive Leisure Group Memberships Claims

Once the customers arrived at the offices of Incentive Leisure Group then the probability was they would be staying at the premises for a long period of time which was governed by two factors ;- If they could grind you down mentally so that you agreed to purchase the DWVC membership or if they were able to deduce that you had no savings which they could extract from you bank or building society account. We have had accounts of people being subjected to sales presentations at the offices of Incentive Leisure Group for more than 7 hours.

Once inside the offices of ILG, consumers would be exposed to a number of different Incentive Leisure employees who would be keen to impress upon consumers how their annual maintenance fees were liable to rise over the coming years and how Incentive Leisure offered a way to dispose of such liability. Incentive Leisure even went as far as impressing on consumers that if you did not dispose of your timeshare in a manner proposed by themselves that the likelihood was that on death your children would inherit such liability. This later statement impacted quite dramatically on many elderly couples visiting the offices of Incentive Leisure Group.

In order to make the "product" Incentive Leisure Group were selling appear more attractive the staff of Incentive Leisure had simply posted a large number of photos and comments that had been received from customers around the room in which the customers were sitting. The initial thought was that these were in fact comments and photos that had been sent in by "happy customers" of Incentive Leisure Group but our investigations would suggest that such photos and comments originate from a much different source.

We discovered that Incentive Leisure Group, in association with Pro Travel Group and Designer Way Vacation Club (DWVC), had been issuing customers with a quarterly magazine entitled the Traveller and in the issue dated Autumn 2007 there had been a competition where the first prize was £10,000. To enter the competition all you needed to do was fill in up to six boxes on a form and say why you believed DWVC was good and enclose a photograph from one of your holidays . Each box that you completed as long as it was submitted along with a separate photograph entitled you to one entry in the competition so effectively any member could submit six entries. Our belief is that the majority of photos and comments that consumers would have seen in the offices of Incentive Leisure were simply competition entries which had been submitted by consumers who viewed this as their only opportunity to get their money back from Incentive Leisure Group.

We also believe that Incentive Leisure Group used a computer which had installed upon it a "dummy website" in order to promote the benefits of DWVC membership and that the "holidays" that consumers were shown on such computer simply did not exist . We have had hundreds of consumers informing us that the "holidays" they were actually shown at the presentation simply did not exist once they had access to the live website or that such holidays were available but they were more expensive than high street travel agents. So much for the phrase on the DWVC website which states "Saving members time and money guaranteed!".

Incentive Leisure hoped that they would be able to convince members to join the DWVC Holiday Membership Club by either the comments being made about their existing timeshare and the implications in future years or by the promotion of DWVC membership using the alleged "dummy website". If this had not been enough then the offer that consumers would be made in order to close the sale by Incentive Leisure was quite spectacular. ILG implied to the majority of consumers that we came across that they would issue all customers with a Cashback certificate which on maturity would not only refund the cost of the consumers timeshare but would also refund the cost of joining the DWVC membership club. Furthermore, some offices of Incentive Leisure were that keen to close a sale that they even issued the customer with a letter saying that in the event that the Cashback certificate failed to reimburse the customer the face value of the certificate that they would "make good" the difference!

If you would like us to pursue a claim on your behalf regarding a mis-sold Incentive Leisure/ DWVC holiday club membership or if you need any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 368 5110 or by submitting the enquiry form opposite.