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The End Result
What Actually Happened To The Customers
Of Incentive Leisure Group?

The Timeshares Taken In Part Exchange

For many customers of Incentive Leisure Group who actually believed they had disposed of their timeshares the reality was quite different. Many customers continued to receive maintenance fee demands from their previous timeshare operator and continued to be chased for payment of such fees despite the rhetoric that was directed at them by Incentive Leisure . We also understand that when Incentive Leisure Group Ltd in Gibraltar went into liquidation a large number of customers received their original deeds back from the liquidator who had discovered them in the offices of Incentive Leisure.

We are also aware that despite many other customers of Incentive Leisure Group not receiving their deeds back from the liquidator that there is no evidence to suggest that Incentive Leisure actually disposed of such timeshares . The normal response from a lot of overseas timeshare operators was to simply just cancel the timeshares on the grounds of non payment of maintenance fees and simply re-sell them and treat them as though they had received "free stock".

The Cashback Certificate

On reaching the redemption period for the Cashback certificate many customers of Incentive Leisure found that there were a number of issues that suddenly presented themselves that they hadn't imagined. Firstly, many customers of Incentive Leisure were told that they had not returned their documentation within the time frame correctly or that there were accompanying documents that had not been attached. The common argument from the Cashback promoter was that the certificate had been posted too soon and although it arrived within the timeframe it should have actually been posted within the timeframe. Where disputes arose the Incentive Leisure customer had no route to redress.

If the Incentive Leisure customer had been given a Cashback certificate by Cashback Sales & Administration then they may have received a letter saying that their claim had been submitted correctly. The one thing holders of certificates issued by Cashback Sales & Administration don't seem to have received is any payment in relation to such certificate and there appears to be little prospect of one ever arriving since such company has informed it ceased trading.

If the Incentive Leisure Group customer has been given a certificate issued by Reclaim Ltd then from the customers we have spoken to there appears to be a possibility of receiving a payment of approx 30% of the face value of the certificate at present. We would stress though that what customers may receive today is no guarantee of what they will receive tomorrow given the track records of the companies and personnel associated with this company.

The DWVC Membership Club

Incentive Leisure Group customers who had receive their aluminium DWVC brief case and membership card looked to go out and book fabulous holidays at fabulous locations at discounted prices because this was what they had been "promised" at the Incentive Leisure presentation! The reality turned out to be something very different. We understand that the salespeople of Incentive Leisure had constructed a "mock" website on a computer from which they demonstrated to members of the public the benefits of DWVC membership and made some excuse as to why the "live" website was unavailable. Unfortunately when customers received access to the actual website the offers they had been shown which often included reference to the holidays offered by Kuoni were simply not available. We have received endless stories of people trying to book a holiday via their DWVC membership and finding that it was actually more expensive then booking via Thomas Cook or Going Places for example. Other offers that had been quoted as being a price per week actually turned out to be a price per night and our own research has indicated that where we have been able to locate a "like for like" holiday the price offered by the actual operator was much cheaper than the offer being proposed by DWVC via Pro Travel Solutions aka Timelinx. We have also had a number of Incentive Leisure Group customers implying that when they booked hotels via Pro Travel Solutions that although they had paid Pro Travel that on arriving at the hotel they found that Pro Travel Solutions had overlooked making payment to the hotel concerned. The customers did confirm that on making a phone call to Pro Travel Solutions the matter was rectified but this does not instil a consumer with any level of confidence in the Incentive Leisure "product"!

If you would like us to pursue a claim on your behalf regarding a mis-sold Incentive Leisure/ DWVC holiday club membership or if you need any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 368 5110 or by submitting the enquiry form opposite.